The master bedroom was our first stop at No 1. The previous owner must have been a lover of big dogs, as there were claw marks that reached almost two-thirds up the walls (at least, I hope they were a lover of big dogs). To really set the animal theme off, there was also a pretty rank smell emanating from the carpet. After stripping the floors, the odour still hadn’t gone, so we went to work on the wallpaper, once again battling the joys of woodchip. The room also had its fair share of damp that, if you’re going to look on the bright side, helped us considerably to peel off the paper. After a few days of hard graft, we found an excellent painter and recruited our favourite plasterer to take over and turn the walls from fright to white. All that was left was a shopping spree at Dunelm Mill and a quick trip to Ikea. Total makeover time: two weeks.


Before bedroom at No 1

Not exactly a magic carpet


Renovation stage master after

Mastering the bedroom


Renovation stage master bedroom

How the other side lives