Cutting edge flooring


Not bad for a weekend's work

Having scorned my suggestion of vinyl planks for the floor at 109 (what can I say, the budget was starting to pinch), husband put forward the case for a hardwood floor. Having seen the price tag, I put forward the case for a laminate floor. (That’s right, we know how to have fun on a Saturday night.)

There are a few things to consider when choosing laminate: is it waterproof? is it stomp-proof? will it go with the kitchen cabinets? how much underlay will you need (ie, do you want to remain friends with the people living below)? In the end, we chose the Textured V Groove Plank Elm from Wickes, at roughly £15 sqm. Underlay added another £1 per metre. With Jack’s help, husband got it down over a weekend and, although it wasn’t as easy as the B&Q ad makes it look, it was definitely doable for a diy-er. Be warned though, cutting around period coving and woodwork is a complete pain, as is laying beading. Finally, don’t forget to add in the cost of a decent jigsaw, one of those template thingies and lots of pound coins for the swear jar.