So, today Homes Under the Hammer screened – pretty much bringing a new meaning to the word cringe (nothing like a severe haircut to bring out your femininity). Still, at least the full horror of 109 ‘before’ has been captured in Technicolor glory, along with a visual reminder of just how tired you can look in the middle of a renovation project. It was certainly an unusual experience and a good look behind the scenes of one of our favourite tv shows. Sure, it was a little disillusioning when we saw Martin putting on his own make-up in the rear view mirror of his car. But the crew were super lovely and we only had to film the shot of us walking up our road six times (it’s harder than it looks). It certainly gave me a new-found appreciation for tv presenters and an enduring gratitude that I don’t have to learn to both walk and talk on camera anytime soon. If you missed it, come back soon for a link to the video!


Definitely an after!