Even though No 93′s original bathroom was about 8 metres squared, its previous incarnation made it look small and poky, with an awkward Victorian cistern taking up space. First thing to tackle was the giant water heater opposite the door, which we soon swapped out for a walk-in shower with a gorgeous rain showerhead and low-profile shower tray. Our biggest mistake? Not buying a thermostatic shower (which I didn’t do primarily because I had no idea what one was).  I found a pedestal basin that matched the look of our rolltop bath and finished off the room with a crystal lightshade. The wooden floor caused some contention – husband and I loved it, but most of our friends doubted it was waterproof. Still the proof was in the showering – six months in the house and not a single flood, despite my penchant for 20-minute showers!


The bathroom at 93, definitely before!


12ft of metro tiles, hoo ha!


The finished product!