Looks fine if you don't get too close

Thinking about painting your kitchen doors? PUT DOWN THAT BRUSH. When home renovation magazines run features about £500 kitchen makeovers, painting your existing kitchen cabinetry is always top of the tip list. Don’t be fooled – painting kitchen doors is messy, exhausting and doesn’t look anywhere near as good as you’d hoped. At least mine didn’t! I read that you could get a glossy finish on your doors by sanding them lightly, then building up light layers of high-gloss spray paint. What the mag failed to mention was:


1.     It takes absolutely forever to build up even mist coats

2.     Spray paint fumes float upwards, so if you’re upstairs neighbours have wooden floors, it’s really easy to gas them

3.     It’s not fun having to apologise to your neighbours for gassing them

4.     When you move the entire process outside, tiny pieces of dust/bugs/grass land on your wet paint, plus nosy dog-walkers constantly walk over to scowl at you


The end result? Acceptable white doors, but not before the project’s shine has worn off.