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So, the kitchen is almost there. Or at least, that’s what I tell myself when I see the floor that’s still to be grouted, the splashback that’s still to be tiled, the walls that are still to be painted… But here’s one renoVote that will be easy to implement – which handles will add some va va voom? Both sets are from Ikea and cost about £5 a pair (as is always the way, we went to check out handle options and came away with a couple of hundred pounds of lord-knows-what). I’ve also posted a couple more pics of the kitchen, so you can imagine both handles in situ. Get voting!

[Update: check it out - 100% of you went for option A. Come back soon to see how they look on our cabinets!]

Which handle suits No 9's kitchen?

  • The one with the sharp corners (100%)
  • The one with the rounded corners (0%)
  • Neither, back to Ikea with you (0%)

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