It might be a bit optimistic, but we’ve decided to rely on solar power to light up our eco garden. And as husband now has a job, it falls to me to install the little blighters. Luckily, it was a pretty simple process that even I couldn’t muck up.

1) First, I measured our stretch of decking and divided it (roughly) into equal portions to work out where to place our lights. I then lined the measuring tape up along the decking screws to ensure I didn’t drill too close to them.













2) Then, I drilled the holes for the lights to sit in with a special drill bit and a battery that went flat after each and every hole. This ensured the job took four hours instead of two. Brilliant. (The white piece of paper was a highly sophisticated guide showing me how far from the wall to drill each hole.)


























3) Finally, it was just a matter of placing each light in the hole with a little bit of sealant to keep them in there. Hey presto!