Well, our swift and simple makeover at No 1 has almost come to an end. Having finished the four main rooms (kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom and lounge), we only had to overhaul the second bedroom and utility room to get one step closer to a much-needed rental income.


Second bedroom at No 1

A dark and dingy second bedroom...


renovation second bedroom

... turns into a light and bright bolt hole


Luckily for us, neither of these rooms was afflicted with damp, so our To Do list for them was pretty straightforward. Our priority upstairs was to de-peach the second bedroom, which involved scraping off some very stubborn wallpaper and dousing the room in brilliant white. Swapping the maroon carpet for a beige grey twist one also lightened up the room no end.


Before utility at No 1

The sad-looking room plonked at the back of No 1...


renovated utility room

...made a practical boot and utility room


Next up to get the whitening treatment was our downstairs utility room. After stripping and painting it, we chose large grey slate tiles for the floor. But before we could lay them, we had to re-surface the floor with self-leveller. It was our first time trying this out, but creating an even surface for our tiles was actually a breeze. The only downside was the two days it took to dry! Once the tiles were laid (at a cost of £12, thank you end-of-line sale at B&Q), the room was ready to go.

Next post: the house tour of a completed No 1 with extra photos…