When we bought 109, it didn’t have much going for it. Nicotine-stained walls, dark rooms and patches of damp were just some of the reasons there was only one other bidder at the auction. But for me the biggest downside was its internal bathroom. It was so gloomy I could only just make out what lay within – a grubby peach suite that was better off left in the dark. Somewhat optimistically, husband and I decided to aim for the feel of a boutique hotel rather than a condemned one. Whereas with the bathroom at 93 we went for white, white and more white, we embraced the darkness at 109 by filling the bathroom with glossy, marble-esque tiles (Illusion Emparador Polished Stone, £19.98 per metre). To up the luxe factor, we also made a bath panel out of a piece of plywood and some leftover tiles. I found an even shinier shower than my last one from the tktkk and scoured eBay for a cute basin. An eclectic range of secondhand mirrors beamed around what light there was, while a bathroom cabinet from Wilkinson added an industrial edge. So far we’ve had really positive comments, although one friend cursed with double vision did say the overall effect made him nauseus. At least he’s in the right place if the worst happens!

In the beginning it was peach