Yesterday was a mammoth day. It was the day husband and I tried our hand at installing underfloor heating, a first for us. (I should point out that husband is a qualified electrician.) Our kitchen is part of a single-brick 80s extension and, as it has a flat roof and no insulation, is quite often as cold as ice. So, we’ve decided to splash out on underfloor heating – not that it is actually that expensive, with 8m2 of space costing us roughly £200. But it is a labour-intensive process:

- first, you have to level your floor

-next, adhere insulation boards over the entire space, taping the boards together for extra strength

-then, unravel and lay the heating mat, before testing the circuit with a multimeter

-after you have laid the mats in your desired configuration, and your probe and end wires are placed next to the wall where your thermostat will be, you can start tiling

As you can see, we still have a few more tiles to go, but it was definitely one of those days when you feel like the end is in sight!