It’s been a hard slog at No 9 this week. After it was decided our house would have wooden floors, husband and I got busy with a sander, confident that sanding a house half the size of No 93 would be a breeze. Not quite – the previous occupants of No 9 decided that hammers were their friend and stuck down a variety of nails, tacks and staples all over the carpet. Levering them all up turned out to be more than a little back-breaking, and that was before husband had the pleasure of corralling a bucking drum sander that weighed as much as he did. The boards at No 9 also turned out to be bowed and bent, requiring many, many goings over with the sander. But husband battled on and after coating both the house and himself with sawdust, emerged victorious. My contribution consisted chiefly of a varnishing act, applying not one but three coats of clear gloss to showcase our boards natural oakiness. (It should also be pointed out that before the last coat of varnish, I had to HAND sand the entire floor, as the varnish makes the grain lift.) Still, worth every groan and grimace, as hopefully you renoVoters will agree!


renovation stage sanding