The bathroom at No 1 hadn’t been upgraded in decades, and it showed. Despite having been lived in only a year before, it featured a cracked old tub, bakerlite toilet and grimy sink. But it was already upstairs at least, meaning half the battle had already been won, or so we told ourselves. Only catch was we couldn’t play around with the layout too much. The solution? Us going all anti-Allsop and building an extra stud wall to put the shower plumbing inside. Luckily thanks to the existing, massive window it is still a light room, and now with a brand new suite and rainhead shower, it’s actually nice to be in!


Before bathroom No 1

The old bathroom - check out that carpet!



bathroom renovation no 1

A new floor and towel rail dragged the room into this century



bathroom renovation stage no 1

The new wall, with our favourite type of shower!