Update: the results are in! I have to admit, this is a tough one for me to give up control over. I’m a big believer in the power of a shower and think it’s the only thing that gets me on site some days (that and husband’s promise of a near-constant chocolate supply). Luckily, I love all four of these showers, which come from ibathuk and range in price from to £87.99 to £144.99. Both the star and traditional showers have a thermostatic bar included in their sets, while the controls of the square shower are made up of a dial for the temperature, a dial  to increase the flow of the main shower and a dial to increase the flow of the handheld shower. Any questions, let me know!



Which shower is so hot right now?

  • The round one (50%)
  • The square one (30%)
  • The traditional one (top left) (20%)
  • The star one (0%)

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