Noisier than it looks


In a somewhat rare move for us, husband and I decided to splash some cash on our worktop.

We wanted a little wooden wow factor, but soon realised unless we wanted to spend a LOT of cash, we still had to put in the hard yards. I found a company that supplied unoiled worktops,
so it was up to us to run back and forth with a lint-free cloth and lots of Danish Oil, chucking
used cloths into a bucket of water so they didn’t spontaneously combust. (Who knew?)

Cutting it was a whole ‘nother ballgame – husband invested in a router, one of the loudest tools ever, and carefully cut around the new kitchen sink and the stencil of our chimney breast. A friend’s top tip? Don’t breathe in too much sawdust or your lungs might collapse, “like on Doc Marten”. Risky business this renovation malarkey.



Does it fit?

The "It fits!" shuffle