The master bedroom's fireplace before...

Maybe it’s because I’m Australian, but I don’t have a shuddering fear of fifties fireplaces. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until halfway through this renovation that I realised most people do. What saddens me even more now is that I’ve figured out if you’re plastering a room anyway, it isn’t much more of a pain to rip them out and replace them with something scavenged off eBay. But back then, I’d decided tile paint was the way forward.

... and after







Sadly, despite Ronstan’s best assurances, the tile paint I bought didn’t do what it said on the tin, unless I missed the bit about “Given half a chance this will slide down your fireplace in giant drips.” Still, after six hours of obsessive touching up, smoothing down and touching up, they looked a lot better white than they did peach.