Apparently renovating No 9 was just not keeping us busy enough, because a few months ago husband and I headed to another auction and came away with a two-up two-down. Located in a good area of Plymouth, No 1 was prime renting-out material (or so we hoped!). But before we could ask anyone to move in, we had to get a move on. Having been rented out for years, without a lot (or little) money being spent on it, our shopping list included a new bathroom, new kitchen, new flooring, and, oh yes, a new roof. So, in between working on No 9, we got going on No 1 – and overhauled it in two months. Where’s Homes Under the Hammer when you need them? So over the next six weeks, while husband and I are on holiday, we’re putting No 9 on hiatus and showing you round our 60-Day makeover instead.

Anyway, before the Afters come the Befores. Welcome to No 1!



Before outside of No 1

No 1


Before kitchen at No 1



Before bathroom No 1



Before lounge at No 1



Before bedroom at No 1

Master bedroom


Second bedroom at No 1

Second bedroom


Before utility at No 1

Utility room


Before garden at No 1

The garden